DSC Alarm binding with EVL-4

Is anyone successfully running this setup? I cannot for the life of me configure this. I can navigate to the EVL-4’s web ui fine. In openHAB Paper UI, I can choose 1 of 2 bridges:


For the first one (EyezOn Envisalink), I have tried countless times to configure it and get it to come online. I have tried various password lengths for the EVL-4 (i.e. 4, 6, and 8 characters).

The second bridge option (TCP Server), I can successfully get this online as well as any of the accompanying things (partition, zones, panel, etc…)

Here, you can see the things in Paper UI. The red arrows point to the envisalink bridge and panel that don’t work:

This is a screenshot showing the Envisalink local web ui TPI status (or lack of):

These are the 2 control items that aren’t updating status in Paper UI:

Any ideas?

Hello @lysol,

You can’t have 2 bridges for the same DSC system. They are probably conflicting with each other. You can use the TCP Server bridge with an Envisalink, but it might be better to just use the Envisalink bridge. Hope this helps.

I should have put more emphasis on that bridge. I created that bridge first and tried to make it work without success. Then I went with the TCP bridge and everything came online.

This is what I keep getting in my logs:
22 PM

This is all I have for Things in Paper UI related to the DSC Alarm again:
09 PM

Is anything else connecting or trying to connect to the Envisalink besides openHAB?

No. Just openHAB.

The only other thing I can think it would be is the password is not correct? You could try to run the dscalarm binding in DEBUG mode by issuing the following command in the Karaf console:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.dscalarm

This will log DEBUG messages in the openhab.log file.

Hi @rsstephens,
Do you have any information that the binding may work with EVL-4 connected to the Honeywell (ADEMCO)?

Hello @george.erhan,

Sorry, the DSCAlarm binding will not work with the EVL-4 in the Honeywell mode of operation. Here are a couple of links that might help.

Openhab and Envisalink Vista / Honeywell Alarm
Ademco Vista with Eyez-On-EVL3 Can it be …

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Thank you very much for the information!

Thanks for that. I’ll look into picking up the AD2PI board and setting that up with the Alarm Decoder binding.


Didn’t know you were using the EVL-4 to connect to an Ademco Alarm. Could have saved you some frustration. Hope you get it working.

No problem… It’s been so long since I’ve actually messed with my EVL-4 that I completely forgot that it had come with the DSC firmware installed. I actually hooked it up to the Envisalerts server so that I could change over the firmware to Honeywell to use with my alarm. Give me enough time and I’ll completely forget things… lol.

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