DSC alarm, openhab 2, how to “Arm/Disarm”?

Hi guys,
Have done DSC Alarm binding with EyezOn Envisalink4, using this sample http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/dscalarm/readme.html, no “things” and “sitemap” files (yet), no rules yet. Have Motion devices only/yet and 4 zones yet, removed extra items which are not applied to me. Under PaperUI/Control I see all the actions for DSC alarms when I use my keypad or EyezOn app, which mean OpenHAB receives the signals/commands and display it, so looks like there is no problem. The question is where/how I can “Arm/Disarm”alarm using OpenHab? Plus would like to get a suggestion how “Arm/Disarm” alarm when external MQTT device send the command/signal? Thanks a lot.

Hello @oleg,

In order to use openHAB to ARM/DISARM you will need to add a partition to your setup. You do that by adding a partition (partition 1) thing to your configuration either by PaperUI or a thing file. Once a that is done you will be able to map items to the different channels for the partition. The channel that allows you to ARM/DISARM the alarm is partition_arm_mode. Here is an example of an item mapped to the channel.

Number PARTITION1_ARM_MODE "Partition 1 Arm Mode: [%s]" (DSCAlarmPartitions) {channel="dscalarm:partition:MyBridgeName:partition1:partition_arm_mode"}

Then you would need to add the item to a sitemap as a switch as seen here.

Frame label="Partitions" {
    Text item=PARTITION1_STATUS {
        Switch item=PARTITION1_ARM_MODE label="Partition 1 Arm Options" mappings=[0="Disarm", 1="Away", 2="Stay", 3="No Entry Delay", 4="With User Code"]

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Russel, will try this. And I have a number of questions and hoping may be you can help clarify them.
This is screenshot from PaperUI, what does “Bridge connection reset” and “Send a DSC Alarm command”? I do not want to use/try them until I fully understand, they are from sample dscalarm.items file. Thanks

“Bridge Connection reset” allows you to disconnect from the bridge (Envisalink). It also represents the connection status to the Envisalink; ON being ‘connected’ and OFF being ‘disconnected’.

“Send a DSC Alarm Command” is a channel that allows for the sending of raw commands to the Envisalink. It was created as a replacement for the DSC action add-on that was part of OH1. Here is a link to the discussion on this: DSC Alarm Action in OH2.