DSC API Error from panel


I’ve been getting this on my sitemap for past few days. Has anyone else encountered this error, or anything similar?

Panel System Error: 024: API System Not Ready to Arm - System is either not-secure, in exit-delay, or already armed

It does allow me to arm the system, and there are no errors or other conditions being reported by the alarm panel itself via the keypad. So I can just ignore it, but I’d rather it went away and just said ‘No Error’ like it used to!

I’m using an Envisalink 3 with a DSC Power Series PC1864.



Hello Chris,

I’ve gotten that error before when I try to arm the system, when the system is already armed or being armed (in exit-delay). The problem with Panel System errors, that I have found, is once the error is issued the system never sends a cleared/restored message, and so the message just stays there until the next system error message comes along. The way I reset the item is to restart openhab. I suppose a rule could be written to reset the item; then link the rule to a button in a sitemap; and therefore the item could be cleared manually. I would like to find a way through the binding to do the clearing but haven’t delved into it; not sure when I will be able to do that. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info @rsstephens.

I think I’ll give the reset button idea a try. Like you say, if it’s an historic error condition that is no longer relevant, the problem solved. But if the panel is actively erroring, it will get set to the error message again fairly promptly.