DSC Binding and getting out of sync

Hi everyone,

I have been running OH 3 for several months without issue and recently I am finding that OH is out of sync with the DSC alarm.

I have a few rules that notify me if a door is left open for more than 5 minutes.
I hear the notification go off but the door is closed. The DSC panel shows the door is closed, the Eyez-on app shows the door is closed but OH is showing the door is open. If i were to open and close the door then everything syncs up again. I am using the EVL4 device.

This is happening more and more frequently with motion sensors and other zones on the alarm.
any ideas?

Hi everyone. An update… i kept getting desyncing issues between the alarm and openhab. I think the firmware to update the network adapter to support 4GLTE backup caused issues as they had to remove some features due to out of memory issues. So this EVL4 is working overtime. I ended up going old school and getting an IT100 serial port and then a serial to usb adapter. It works! Super responsive! And no more out of sync issues. Sometimes newer is not always better.

The binding recognized the It100 and it was so simple to switch the partition and sensors. Just go in to each alarm sensor and switch the parent to the IT100 from the EVL4 and everything works!