DSC Binding in OpenHAB2 Failing on Manual Thing Configuration

Hi @rsstephens ,

I’m trying to avoid using the paperUI to configure openhab2. I have a large installation in openhab1 and would like to port things over manually in order to maintain a lot of my organization… I’m a bit stuck with the DSC binding.

I’ve followed your instructions to create a thing file (kept “MyBridgeName” for now)

Bridge dscalarm:envisalink:MyBridgeName [ ipAddress="", password="xxxxxx" ] 
    Thing panel panel [ userCode="####" ]
    Thing partition partition1 [ partitionNumber=1 ]
    Thing zone zone1 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=1 ]
    Thing zone zone9 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=9 ]
    Thing zone zone10 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=10 ]
    Thing zone zone11 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=11 ]
    Thing zone zone12 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=12 ]
    Thing zone zone13 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=13 ]
    Thing zone zone14 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=14 ]
    Thing zone zone15 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=15 ]
    Thing zone zone16 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=16 ]
    Thing zone zone17 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=17 ]
    Thing zone zone18 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=18 ]
    Thing zone zone19 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=19 ]
    Thing zone zone20 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=20 ]
    Thing zone zone21 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=21 ]
    Thing zone zone22 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=22 ]
    Thing zone zone23 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=23 ]
    Thing zone zone24 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=24 ]
    Thing zone zone25 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=25 ]
    Thing zone zone26 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=26 ]
    Thing zone zone27 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=27 ]
    Thing zone zone28 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=28 ]
    Thing zone zone29 [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=29 ]
    Thing keypad keypad

Unfortunately, it is not loading. I’ve updated my items configs to match and my sitemap does not need any changes.

Here is what I see in the log when I try to execute anything:

2016-10-16 18:12:26.369 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate command ‘ON’ for item ‘BRIDGE_CONNECTION’ to handler for channel ‘dscalarm:envisalink:MyBridgeName:bridge_reset’, because no thing with the UID ‘dscalarm:envisalink:MyBridgeName’ could be found.

Hello @omatzyo,

I was wondering did you add the dscalarm binding to your setup, either through PaperUI or in the addon.cfg file?

Yes. In fact if I use paper to configure the binding it works in my testing, but to do every zone and item again would take forever. I’d much rather use the manual method.

Hello @omatzyo,

I have done some testing at home and I 'm getting the same kind of results with using a .thing file to configure the dscalarm binding. Funny thing, when I test with an older version of openHAB2 it works fine, but when I use the latest snapshot it doesn’t. Something may have changed in the openHAB2 code. Although, it still works fine when configuring through the PaperUI. I will continue to look at the binding and see if I can find something. You may want to use the PaperUI in the time being to configure the binding. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So, I just picked the wrong time to upgrade. Thanks for looking into it. I’ll stick with my openhab 1 for now and try again in the future.

It does appear that the .thing file is not being scanned at all. There is no log activity when it is updated, I would expect to see ‘refreshing dscalarm.thing’.

Hello @omatzyo,

FYI, I submitted a PR to fix this issue and it has been merged. Thanks for your input.

I’m seeing the same when moving from OH1 to OH2. Cannot log in to evl3 through dscalarm.thing configuration​. The binding was added through addon.cfg

This happens on both OH2 stable and the latest 2.1 build from cloudbees. I feel like I must be overlooking something. Any suggestions?


Nevermind, I was overlooking something dumb! My dscalarm.things file was mistakenly named dscalarm.thing.

Everything’s working well now, thanks!