DSC Binding - Powerseries NEO

Has anyone attempted to use OpenHAB with the DSC Powerseries Neo system which seems to be their current product line. The Internet Alarm Communicator looks like the necessary add-on but would the existing DSC binding understand it?

Hello @kjcsb,

Unfortunately the DSC binding does not support the DSC PowerSeries Neo product line. The Neo series utilizes encryption with its protocol and is therefore not compatible with the older DSC PowerSeries. DSC would need to provide some kind of developer documentation on how to interface with the Neo API, which I don’t see happening anytime soon, if at all. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the prompt response.

So is there any kind of standardised protocol (current or emerging) in the home security market? I come from the world of SIP where generally things interoperate. From what I can see in home security, video monitoring, access control, home automation and more broadly IoT, everyone is doing their own thing. Big topic I know but interested in anyone’s thoughts.

I just had a conversation with the regional DSC rep and talked to him about OpenHAB and utilizing DSC series panels. I just got a regular DSC1616 kit that I’m going to integrate with my 1.8.3 install. The rep said he was going to get a Neo kit sent to me to play so I emailed him all my information as well as all the benefits of OpenHAB over Control4 or Crestron which they have (or plan to have) integration with on the Neo series. So cross your fingers their interest is piqued and they get a hold of the appropriate party to potentially integrate or even contribute themselves!

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If you need help in power series NEO binding development, I’m available.


Any news from the sales rep? Would be really nice to have support for Neo :slight_smile:

At this point I’m thinking the rep may have blown me off. Not seen or heard a peep since I talked to him. I’m just a local PC shop that’s been around for 18 years but that’s likely not enough to warrant their attention even though he said he’d send some product.

Thank you very much for that. That was the first thing I was going to try and do. So is the PowerSeries Control Panel PC1864 compatible and just not the Neo? TIA.


as i know is the dsc neo a cooperation with visonic.
PowerG Standard is from Visonic and also the communicator i think :slight_smile:

Please give me feedback


If anybody is still interested. I know its a bit late…
This is what I have found on the ITV2 protocol for the Neo.


You need a NDA to get your hands on the protocol. You need to join the connected partner program in the link. You need a TL280E IP communicator board for the integration to work, they don’t allow anybody onto the pclink port2 on the board.

Well, that is all I have found… It would be nice to see the Neo Connected to Openhab2…

Dear Mirg

Just installed the neo with a T280 ip connector.

Can you please help me integrate it into my OpenHAB platform.
KInd Regards

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Hi All, has there been any development on this front?

would the rs232 interface not still be available?

I’m in the process of installing a DSC Neo system and am also hoping to get in into OpenHAB

If serial print was even available I could at least get status?


No development that I am aware off. I have come up with a solution, but its not a proper integration as per say. It takes a lot of wiring and might be a headache if you are not very familiar with the system. If you take a DSC NEO and program the alarm system Outputs to follow the inputs (one output will trigger for every associated zone on the panel that is triggered) , and connect relays to the open collector outputs on the panel (I keep my existing panels POWERG sensors and reporting to a control room, and isolate the two systems to a degree from one another). Connect a Raspberry with OPENHAB installed and make use of the Inputs, and connect them across to the Alarm panel Relays C NC connections of the relays so the zone status can be pulled into the OPENHAB software. Things Like armed status, Panic, medical and Fire conditions all would be visible and arming the system from OPENHAB would be triggering a relay with Keyswitch Zone on the panel to do the reverse with Force arming enabled on some of the zones.

It can become messy if the system is large because of all the wiring. If you get creative on the alarm system side and setup schedules for the PGM on the alarm to trigger, Auto Arming Disarming features to create additional Automation opportunities.


we developed one specific HTTP API for integration between DSC NEO and DSC PRO with 3rd party Systems.For more information about this please emailme at a.stefan.c@smart-experts.io

We can schedule a live demo and/or to send the data sheet for this API.


Do you have any information about the integration of the dsc neo. I have a TL280 module.

Hi guys,

I happen to own DSC alarm system with TL280 that got useless after DSC killed their PowerSeries Neo Go App.

I managed to get basic understanding of ITv2 protocol by reverse engineering. I documented it and developed a minimal integration client that behaves like TL280. See GitHub - rmilecki/dsc-itv2-protocol: DSC ITv2 protocol .

The problem is that ITv2 switches to encrypted communication after exchanging few initial packets. It’s probably AES but:

  • I don’t know how to obtain encryption key
  • I don’t understand syntax of packet TL280 sends to integration server for starting encryption

Is there anyone around who is capable of debugging it further and would like to help & contribute?

If we could understand how ITv2 initializes encryption I think we could develop open source integration support.