DSC Envisalink does not get discovered?

Hey guys,

I’ve been running OpenHAB 1.x for a couple of years now and have just taken the plunge and installed OH2 on a new windows based mini PC. My plan is to run both systems in parallel for a while as I get to learn the new terminology and aspects of OH2.

2nd binding I’ve loaded is the DSC Alarm one as it’s a major part of my home automation system. My DSC Alarm has an envisalink board installed and works perfectly with my OH1.x system. From what I’ve read I’m expecting something to be discovered by the Paper UI… But nothing ever comes up…

Is it possible that my OH 1.x system is interferring somehow?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello @TommySharp,

The automatic discovery for the Envisalink was disabled because of possible issues it may create across the network. The discover has to be initiated manually through the PaperUI. Hope this helps.

Thanks Russell, I think I’m initiating the scan manually but nothing turns up…

Hey Tommy,

The discovery for the Envisalink may be a little lacking and needs more work. Make sure nothing else is connecting to the Envisalink and it is on the same subnet as your openHAB server. If it still fails you can add it manually in PaperUI under Things. Once you have added the Envisalink, the binding should discover all your other components from which you can choose.

I believe I am running into the same issue with discovery of a EnvisaLink 3 that is currently in use (connected??) with a Vera lite. This post seems a bit old now but I am inclined to help solve this problem if possible.

My status: Brand new OH 2 install using the “Hassle-free” setup. Add the EnvisaLink add-on, start discovery.

Nothing found.

I attempt to manually add the DSC panel 1st because that seems like the natural thing to do***.
That is not possible due to what appears to be a UI bug choosing the bridge. When I get to that part of the manual setup of the panel where you select “bridge”, the UI appears to try and drop down to an empty list. Immediate frustration.

So now I go back and notice that there are other elements that may need to be added first like the TCP Server and/or the Envisilink.

I add both, but only the TCP server is “online”. During setup of the Envisilink I used the default port and entered my non-default Envisilink user password (working with Vera). But it did not go online. Not sure where to go from here, so I try to add the panel again which now allows me to select the bridge I added but still only the TCP server is online.

I added my process in the hope that this will be used to improve the process for setting up this add-on within the UI. I strongly believe that more pointers need to be built into the manual process since I was unable to get things to work.

More importantly, why does the discover still fail?

And lastly, what do I need to do to get this to work? I see a note about making sure that the EV is not “connected” to anything else. What does that mean? I can connect to it via port 80 and my Vera is configured to “connect” to it as well. Does it have a limitation that I am unaware of?

I am committed to making OH better. Let me know what I can do to help improve the product and process.

The Envisalink allows a single connection on port 4025 as the main interface to the DSC panel. It’s kind of a first come first serve scenario. Any other attempts to connect after the first one are dropped by the Envisalink. So if your Vera Lite is already connected on port 4025 then the DSC Alarm binding can’t connect. I would disconnect the Vera Lite from the Envisalink first then try it. Also, having 2 bridges setup will cause issues. Remove the TCP server bridge and only use the Envisalink bridge. As for port 80 on the Envisalink, that is only an HTML interface for configuring the Envisalink and doesn’t have the same limitations as port 4025. Hope this helps.

That is extremely helpful. I strongly suggest you add exactly your note in the readme here. http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/dscalarm/readme.html
It would have saved me some hours and frustration.

I am trying your suggestion but so far no luck. I deleted all of the DSC elements that I created on OH then put the wrong IP in Vera to force it’s disconnection. Vera now shows an error, but OH does not find it on discover. It has been about 15min. Do I need to wait longer for a timeout of some kind?

Hello Joe,

Try adding the Envisalink bridge manually and entering the IP address in the Configuration Parameters screen. Also, you will need to enter the password for the Envisalink.

Oh, forget to tell you. Auto discovery for the DSC Alarm binding was disabled because of issues, so you have to start it manually. I have modified the read.me file but the pull request hasn’t been merged yet.

What were the issues? Is there something I can help with? I would like to see it working. Is discovery only disabled for the Envisilink?

Sorry I gave the wrong impression. I should have said ‘background’ discovery is disabled for the Envisalink. You can run discovery for the Envisalink but it has to be done manually in the PaperUI. Prior to that it ran every 10 minutes in the background which caused some issues with some network setups, so I removed that feature from the binding. It still works the same when you run it manually but only runs the one time.

That makes sense. So then why didn’t my “manual” discovery run ever work? Even after I disconnected the Vera, I tried the discover button many times. It never found anything. I had to do a true manual config setting the Ip/custom password for the envis to go go online.

Have you seen this before? I have another PI coming that I need to setup the same way. Is there some information that will help resolve this?