DSC event advice: open, close, alarm triggered

Hello DSC Alarm Experts!!

I have setup openhab to interface with my DSC alarm system via an envisalink board. It all seems to be working well and I can send email notifications about events now.

Question - there are a -bunch- of Partition and Panel messages (state transitions) happening that I can watch in /var/log/openhab2/events.log. Opening and closing (and I’m assuming alarm and fire alarm will too) record events for both the Partition and the Panel. Amongst the DSC experienced users, is there a preferred/recommended item to monitor for 1) open, 2) close, 3) ‘normal’ alarm, 4) alarm triggered by fire zone? An example of the associated rules would be nice too since some of these items seem to transition between somewhat obscure numeric states (I think I’m seeing things like 609 to 653).

In case 3 above, it would be really nice to know which zone triggered the alarm. This may be part of the partition/panel message, but I was not brave enough annoy my neighbors and observe the log results this evening without first floating a question.