DSC Panel Time?

I’m using the DSC binding in openHAB2 with the Envisalink 4. Everything appears to work fine except for the panel time. The time is stuck at January 1, 2000 00:00:00. Does anyone have this working? Is it a difference between the Envisalink 3 and 4? Any tips on debugging it? This is not critical, but as everything else works, I’m a little surprised the time is not working.

Did this work on the Evisalink 3 for you? I have the EL4 and DSC panel with the same uninitialized values for the date/time. However, I don’t think my panel support real-time clock. There is no way to set/see it prior to the EL interface. In addition to the date/time being default value, I also don’t have any values for LCD status messages, etc. Does your physical alarm system user panel have date/time display, etc, and just not showing via the EL4?

Can’t answer about the Envisalink 3 - I only have the 4.

Yes, my alarm panel shows the correct date/time - it’s just not showing up via the binding via the Envisalink 4.

Hello @jswim788,

The DSC alarm time broadcast has to be turned on, in order to receive the time from the alarm system. When you see January 1, 2000 00:00:00, it is basically just a place holder because the time isn’t being broadcast from the DSC alarm system. You should be able to turn the time broadcast on through the PaperUI or through BasicUI, if you used the same configuration from the documentation page. Just note that the DSC alarm will only broadcast the time every 4 minutes. Hope this helps.

Yes, that helps. Turned on the broadcast and it works well. thanks!