DSCAlarm Binding Panel_message updating every 5 seconds

I upgraded to OH 1.8 today. All of a sudden every 5 seconds I’m getting:
PANEL_MESSAGE state updated to 615: The raw zone timers used inside the Envisalink

Other than filling my mysql database and logs, everything else seems to be fine. I restarted OH, envisalink and my host but it continues to happen.

You can get that message if something else is trying to connect to the Envisalink. Check if another device is trying to connect to the Envisalink, or if another instance of openhab is running.

Thanks. It appears to have cleared. I had done some .items updates and I’m wondering if it jammed up. I lost track of steps I took to troubleshoot. I know I rebooted the server at that point but I think I ended up rebooting the envisalink and that helped. I don’t remember now.

Spoke too soon. Arrived home this evening and it was doing it again. I rebooted the envisalink without doing anything to OH and it cleared. Interesting to note that it took a few minutes to reconnect and during that period, java was at 100% cpu on my server.

I do have poll time set for 5 minutes in openhab.cfg so that’s probably why it took so long.

As of now it is no longer passing the message.

One last piece of info. I do note that my panel has a warning for low keypad battery. Don’t know if that would have anything to do with it. I plan to identify which keypad tomorrow.

OK, I have figured out the culprit but will need help with resolution. I have identified it is openHAB designer on my macbook. Not sure how but it is. When I open designer it starts doing it.

I stopped my openhab server and checked envisalink’s web portal and it showed my macbook’s ip connected to TPI. I had to reboot the envisalink to clear it.

So, would like to stop that but it’s not the biggest issue as I don’t leave designer open when I’m not using it.

I have a similar problem with openHAB Designer. See: