DSL scripts composed in OH3 main UI editor run slow, out of memory errors, high CPU

Has anyone else written scripts or rules in the OH3 Main UI DSL editor? If so, have you found that these rules perform very poorly, taking longer than they should to execute? Have you found it resulting in java heap space errors, running out of memory, and CPU usage getting pegged? I and one other member here have experienced this. Even on multiple fresh clean installs.

I have written the same rule doing the same thing in the ECMA script editor in the OH3 main UI and it performs perfectly. This only seems to happen with DSL scripts and it only seems to be with DSL scripts written in the Main UI editor. In other words, not text file rules.

Fishing for anyone else with this issue to forward to developers for troubleshooting.

Could you post the DSL and ECMA versions of each script to compare?

Today I migrated my old .rules files into the GUI. Since I don’t “speak” ECMA, I went for DSL rules.
Two hours ago I had my first “Java heap space” exception and the system became unresponsive.
I also noticed that sometimes very simple DSL rules take 7-10 seconds in execution,

So, yes, there is definitely an issue with DSL rules defined on the GUI (at least) in OH3.

This issue is not really new:

Have the same problem (out of memory, OH3 takes 20% of available memory).
Not sure whether it actually does relate to a rule, but the OOM error definitely appears at a time when a rule was running…

What version are you running?
Should be fixed on the 3.1 snapshot already

Running 3.0.0-1 - how far along is 3.1? I use the stable repository…

I’m currently on 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #2143 and I can only recommend everybody to switch to the snapshot. It’s stabe, you get daily fixes - and a lot of the problems in 3.0 have been fixed already.

Fantastic! Glad this got addressed so quickly. Is there anything in 3.0.1 you’re aware of that is worse or a new issue not in 3.0.0? I’ve looked for snapshot release notes but not finding anything.