Dsmr (p1)

Hi I’m new on openHab,
My mqtt Things, as well the opentherm Gateway are visible.
But I can’t find how I can connect my DSMR (P1) over an Ethernet connection.
On Home-assistance it works with the below settings,

  • platform: dsmr
    port: 23
    dsmr_version: 2.2

On the DSMR addon, I can only configure an serial connection.
It’s great if some of you can provide me an example.


I don’t think the binding supports serial over tcp/ip. I use a serial to usb (p1) cable. I assume you use an esp or equivalent to convert the P1 (serial) signal to tcp/ip?

If your OH is running on linux, maybe you can use socat? I have no experience with it but it looks quite easy:

socat -d -d pty,link=/dev/CUSTOMNAME,raw,echo=0,waitslave tcp:192.168.x.x:yyyy;

OpenHab run’s in an Docker on a Linux host.
My P1 is connected trough an Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-T2
Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-T2
I’ve the same on on my Opentherm Gateway. And for this one I’ve a thing with the following in it.
Thing openthermgateway:otgw:1 [ ipaddress=“”, port=23, connectionRetryInterval=60 ]
Is their an option to create a DSMR P1 connection in the Thing file as well?

For as far as I know the dsmr binding doesn’t support an ethernet connection like the OTGW does.

As suggested here you could look into using an Arduino or ESP and publish to MQTT:

I Googled and found this: https://github.com/neographikal/P1-Meter-ESP8266-MQTT/