DSMR reader installation for Belgium - Noob questions :-(

Hi all,

I’ve just installed OpenHAB and trying to connect my smart gateway but I am unable to and I don’t understand what I am doing wrong here (feel stupid!)

  • P1 port is open
  • I can see all the data via de Fluvius website
  • The smart gateway is connected and online via WiFi
  • Installed the DSMR binding

When I try to add Things, I see the binding, but when I click SCAN, OH does not find it.
If I want to add it manually I am a bit lost as it asks for a serial port, but the device is connected to my electricity meter and not to my RPI so there is something I am missing here.

What am I doing wrong here?

The documentation states>


If there are unexpected configuration issues. For example a meter could not be found or not all channels expected are available. Than run the discovery process and look into the log file. There are extra checks that can give more information about what might be wrong.

Is there any hint in the log file ?

If this gateway works as a serial2net interface you should enter rfc2217://<ip of gateway>:<port> into the configuration of the serial port of the dsmr thing.

@redc / Chris,
did you reach success with Hildebrand’s tip?