Duplicate channel id when setting up devolo's MT2652 Scene Switch


I am completing my openHAB 2.3.0-1 setup and stumbled accross a duplicate channel id when setting up a devolo MT2652 Scene Switch. The channel “Scene Activation” as well as “Scene Number” have the same idents:

Is this right? How can I address the channels?

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The first thing to check is the device database, which shows an error.

Looks like @sihui was the last person to modify it, so he should have some background. It would take a couple clicks to fix, but I don’t know this device. My guess is that the SCENE_ACTIVATION channel can be removed.

Nope, don’t have that device. Either it was a user change request or one of my usual db scans.
And I never leave entries behind with errors :grinning:
I guess @chris has implemented one more sql check in his database to find errors like those.

Think so too but will wait for Chris to chime in (still feared about messing up db entries :sunglasses:)

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Correct. It seems that ESH added a check (rightly so!) to not instantiate channels at all if there were duplicates. I guess in the past it instantiated one or other, but now it rejects both (and may even reject the whole thing - I forget now).

Yes - if both CENTRAL_SCENE and SCENE_ACTIVATION are supported, then we should use CENTRAL_SCENE as it’s the newer command class that is better designed for working with controllers / smart-home software.

Done (scene_number channel under SCENE_ACTIVATION has been removed). @tc77, just wait for a new build, update your binding, and delete/rediscover the Thing to pull in the changes.

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