Duplicate things for Tellstick devices

I have a new install of OpenHab 2.0 on a Raspberry Pi 2 and it is up and running. Tellstick binding activated using PaperUI which was very comfortable. Have been testing out reading sensors and toggling switches. I am about to start over with device configuration and am confused what approach is best for adding the devices. I have been using config files and searching for them via PaperUI. Duplicates of the things show up and the lists get pretty long. One subset of the things have the names I gave them. One subset of the things have names I belive are names of a previous version of configuration. There is a subset of items with corresponding names kitchen, hallway etc and one subset with names like tellstick_switch_1_8, tellstick_switch_2_5 where I belive the first digit is core number and the later is switch number.

Made an attempt on a sitemap using a template but I only get the name I put on the device into the sitemap but no functionality. My guess is some reference in between is failing but I do not have the insight to tell what is wrong. The templates I have been trying out worked for their respective authors. On the same time the sitemap does not work I can change to the default sitemap of Basic UI and that duplicate of the device does toggle the switch.

I’m not sure if telldus core gateway is supposed to show up twice under things? It sort of works but it’s far from as smooth as I was expecting. All the dublicates makes it a mess scrolling for the correct item/thing in drop down lists.

How to add Tellstick things the best way?
Can I avoid duplicates?
Can I have chosen names and functionality?