Duplicate things, offline,

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: raspberry 4
  • conbee 2 zigbee usb stick (dresden)
  • OS: openhabian 2.5.3 (updated to latest version)
    Suddenly, I got two things (osram zigbee on/of plugin unit, hue on/of unit) went OFFLINE. When i look at the phoscon, there’s no problem… Removed them, let them rediscover… now, only the osram stays offline… Happened suddenly, no changes were made in config.
    Another thing, a hue dimmer. the THING is ONLINE, but, it is discoverd AGAIN ??? And auto ignored… But, why??? the unique id is exactly the same. Why is it rediscovered???
    And last, my timezone was lost. In the paperui it was still ok. Changing it in paperui to another timezone, and back, and save did nothing. sudo timedatectl set-timezone ‘Europe/Brussels’ was the solution here… pffff

I can’t help with the zigbee stuff but the timezone thing gives me pause. First of all, when you change the timezone in OH using PaperUI, the REST API, or config files, it only applies to OH itself, not to the system. It sounds like the timezone for the system got changed somehow.

For that you need to look for a cause outside of openHAB. Have you recently lost power on the RPi without it shutting down first? How old is this SD card and are there lots of writes going to it? Often when I see strange things happening out of the blue like this, some sort of file system corruption is often the cause. The power loss is often the most common cause.

about the timezone: there was no powerloss. My sd card is new (less than 2 weeks old).
I also don’t understand why this happened. I did a restart of openhab, but no restart of “linux”…
Very strange…
and 2 timezones???

Normally OH will pick up the TZ info from the operating system. But for those who want to override that for what ever reason (lot of people leave their OS set to GMT for example) OH provides a mechanism to override the OS TZ just for OH.

I don’t see a reason for that, but ok, no problem.
But, once you’re working in the OH environment, it should use the TZ of OH I should think…
But, I saw that the logging, the rules,… were using timestamps that came from the OS and not OH.
My nas get the time from a timeserver. Maybe I can try this with openhabian too. I’m not a linux guy, but, it can’t be that difficult. Or, is there something like that already in openhab? Would be nice…

You can set up NTP on the openHAB server. If you are using openHABian I’d surprised if it isn’t already getting it’s time from a publically available NTP server. But that just sets the “raw” time and has nothing to do with timezones. NTP speaks GMT as far as I know and then it’s the OS that converts GMT to your configured timezone for use and display.

All of this is operating system controlled, there isn’t much that openHAB could/should do about it.

I’ll try to set up ntp.
I understand, it’s os controlled. But, in oh, you have to define also a timezone. Any idea where it is used for?

I think it is used by some bindings an on some UIs. I’ve never changed it myself so can’t say for sure.

Ok thx!