DWD Unwetter Binding not working in OH3

Hi, i am not sure, but I had in my mind that somebody posted something similar a few days before, but I did not found this topic anymore.

In my migration from openHAB 2.5 to 3 I use also the DWD Unwetter Binding. All my things and items are defined in text files, so I copied only to the new installation. On the DWD Website, there are warnings but the binding did not set the items. The only thing I found in the logs are these:

Received HTTP PUT request for update at 'things/dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:froendenberg_ruhr' for an unmanaged thing 'dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:froendenberg_ruhr'.

The thing file has this line:

dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:froendenberg_ruhr "Warnungen Fröndenberg/Ruhr" [ cellId="805978012", refresh=15, warningCount=1 ]

and worked in openHAB 2.5. Is there a know issue?