[dwdunwetter] New binding and feature request

@LimDul created a binding for getting weather warnings from the german weather service DWD. The emergence of the new binding was unfortunately in a very old and long thread. So here’s the (in-)official :slight_smile: announcement.

Ah, and I have a feature request: adding the field.

I probably read your post 5 times and I still cant figure out if you are asking for help or announcing anything

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Both. :slight_smile: I wanted to move the binding discussion from the hijacked thread to a new one. And I wanted to address a feature request to the binding creator.

Which Field to you want me to add?

Uh… I really forgot to write the field name. :slight_smile:

Ok… I wrote it. But it was in <> and the forum software removed it. :smiley:

Could you add the instruction? It’s chapter within the CAP file.

Update 17.02.2018: urgency ( would be nice to.

Hi @LimDul,

I’m really interested in testing the DWD binding. Uufortunately I cannot find it in paperui. I use recent snapshot ‘openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1548’.


It isn’t available via UI at the moment. You have to download it from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vUTIWki45CDxVHP2aepX1aLaIuTf9Aut?usp=sharing and place it in the addon directory.

successfully installed. Looks good and it’s quite easy to setup.

Many thanks!


So … today the weather is rough: storm!

All the warnings for the citys (via search input) are here

And here the link for “Gemeindewarnung”:


There is a warning:

Blockquote Mannheim


Di, 5. Mar, 09:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Es treten Windböen mit Geschwindigkeiten bis 60 km/h (17m/s, 33kn, Bft 7) aus südwestlicher Richtung auf. In Schauernähe muss mit Sturmböen bis 70 km/h (20m/s, 38kn, Bft 8) gerechnet werden.

I take my wanrcell ID out of this file: https://www.dwd.de/DE/leistungen/opendata/help/warnungen/cap_warncellids_csv.csv

Mannheim: 808222000

But … the warning switch remains inactive.

Could someone please post an working thing/items and sitemap example please? Thank you!

I observed a little gap between the real start of a warning and the time it becomes visibility in my sitemap. The delay depends on the refresh interval defined for your thing. Same for the real end of a warning. It stays visibile longer.

@LimDul Thus my feature request for you is to use the internal scheduler to manage visibility of events and to trigger START/END of an event in time.

I installed the dwdwetter binding yesterday, but I don’t get any data.

Here the steps I did:

  • I placed the binding in the addon folder
  • created the dwd thing in a thing file (I copied it from the example and changed the cell-id). The thing is showen as online in the PaperUI
  • created the items in the items file (also copied from the example). On the PaperUI I see the items linked correctly to the thing
  • added the last update item
  • added all items to the sitemap

The result is, that only the lastupdate item is changed every 15 Minutes. The other items don‘t show any changes. Currently there are multiple warnings for my cell-id.

What can I do now?


Please check if there are several cell ids for your area.

I also tried the cell-id from the example (Köln) -> same result…
Do you have another idea, what I can check?

Are you absolutely sure that there is at least one warning for your Cell-Id? Stuttgart for example has two cell-ids. One for the city and one for the community. The DWD always issues a warning only to the city OR the community.

Furthermore: @LimDul has added the new fields urgencyN and instructionN in the readme of the binding. But the link to his GoogleDrive leads to the first version of the binding without these fields. Check in your configuration, if the two fields are there and then throw them out.

I restarted the binding and now I got all items updated… very strange…

It’s even crazier with me.
Copied addon.
Items created.
Things created.
sitemap is also edited.
Everything from the example file.
Items are displayed. But no thing ???

Congratulations @LimDul . The binding has been merged yesterday and is now officially part of the snapshot build (as of version 1554). Feel free to come up with contributions of new features or improvements on your own.

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If I understood the DWD open data statement and their kml files right, they also provide weather forecast for up to 240 hrs / 10 days for free w/o signup.
@semperor, @LimDul:
So… would it be possible to extend the dwdunwetter binding to a dwdwetter binding, having both - forecast and significant weather warnings - at once?

Can’t promise anything, but will try to look at it this weekend.

Is there already any update on this?