Dynamic Grafana graph not working

I was able to install Grafana and Influxdb in a docker on my Synology NAS.
Also able to create graphs in Grafana from the persisted items and able to show an Image on my sitemap. So far so good.
What I am looking for is dynamic graphs (so updating the data frequently and showing it on my sitemap). With the option to take the embedded graph version from Grafana I am stuck.
After reading multiple hours I still don’t know how to get it working.

The Image element on the sitemap takes a “refresh” argument. That is how frequently the image will be reloaded in milliseconds.

Rich I do have a refresh in the statement but it is not refreshing at all.
My statement is

Image refresh=60000 url=""

It shows the below Image on the sitemap but it is never reloading.


Below is the actual graph from Grafana.

I just took the pictures a minute ago.

Maybe it is just a refresh issue.

Your render URL is using fixed to and from timestamps. You need to use something like


Look in the Grafana docs for all the right ways to define it. But if I recall correctly:

  • s = seconds
  • m = minutes
  • h = hours
  • d = days
  • w = weeks
  • M = months
  • y = years
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That did the trick. I used from=now-6h&to=now

Image refresh=60000 url=""