Dynamic Icon with ItemValue

I should open a new topic for my question. I am missing the syntax for a call with an ItemValue which no must be formatted. Tried a lot, it has to be something like that?

… icon="‘batterylevel-{{itemValue(config.Battery_item)| number:0}}’"

If someone could help me, I would be very grateful.

Is this a HABpanel query?

Yes it is.
Excuse the miss

Might help

Note that openHAB has a built in “icon picker” image server that delivers icons based on Item state.

Thx for your reply.
But how you would use it?
The Icons are named
Icon batterylevel-100, batterylevel-90 and so on until batterylevel-0

I can’t use notation with state:
because it does not return batterylevel-100, it reteurns batterylevel-100**.0** witch is not usable with the batterylevel icon.
I have to clear out the .0
Therefore i thought about the |number:0 but its not working like that?
How would you solve it?

I realy tried all Variation, but i don’t habe any HTML/CSS or Javascript Skills, therefore i just can make a guess

And thats where you should find your solution…
You can try if filtering out the decimal in the items label like this:

"label of you item [%.0f %%]"

Give it a shot and see if it works.

This is how my full items for a xiaomy sensor is looking:

Number 	XiaomiTempHumidityBattery      "Xiaomi Temp/fugt Batteri Niveau [%.0f %%]"         <batterylevel>     (BatteriLevel)          { channel="mihome:sensor_ht:158d0002090115:batteryLevel" }

Thx Kim_Andersen
But i don’t have the Item in the .items Folder, i made it with PaperUI
I think i have do it in the HAPPanel Widget… somehow

 icon="'battery'"-"battery_item [%.0f %%]" size="25" /></span></div> n

Is it possible to have the PaperUI Items and some Files in the .Items Folder without Problems?

For some Stuff the PaperUI is very easy an useful but to made a lot of items of the same type it would be much faster do use a Items File. But i have read that it isn’t a good idea to mix them, how do you handle it?

You can do it in PaperUI as well… Just cant remember how. I think its the label as well. Give it a try.

You can use PaperUI as well as items files at the same time.
Why it´s no recommended is due to the bad overview… Having tons of items there is no easy way to spot if its a PaperUI or a manual created items. Thats why the recommendation is, either use PaperUI or manual items files.

i try it, but id didn’t work, are u sure that the option is possible?
maybe i did it wrong but it think the Dimension Drop-down menu is for that grafik
But it don’t allow to add some own definition.

Its just a small thing, but its such a pain in the ***! :rage:
I can not believe that there is no solution with the item created with PaperUI
he Binding is correct, the Things and Items are correct, just the value isn’t in the right format for dynamic icon… I surely not the only one with this Problem, but i can’t write it right down, that somebody can help me… :pensive:

But I’m at the point to give up… :sob:

Dynamic Icons work fine with numeric Item states, decimal places or not.
If you have images like -20,-40,-60 a value 55.25 will produce image 40

You do have to follow the rules, for example there must be a batterylevel.png (or svg) default, even if you don’t expect to use it, or it all doesn’t work.

Your problem is about using HABpanel, I can’t help with that.

I use the given iconsets so there are there, a default an the other ones.

But thx for this hint

So there must be a other reason why it won’t work.
With the RF-Signal_item and the qualityofservice icon (also out of the box) work fine…


conset="'eclipse-smarthome-classic'" icon="'soundvolume-<battery_item>'

Out of despair I tried another icon with 0-100 scaling (sound volume) with the same item as before and lo and behold, it works! This means that something is wrong with the Battery icon and Battery-level icon.
Therefore, no one could help me.
The display works perfectly with the sound icon and my code … so it should also work with the battery icon.

fif anyone has any ideas, I would be glad. :thinking:
But think it’s really not my code … or does someone disagree?

I thank you all for the support… really great this forum. Will improve my skills and hope to help other users (in the future). If only 1st level support :blush:

Create a small sitemap and test it… If it works using basicUI, then it should work with happanel as well. If not, there iare some issue og setup in habpanel which is wrong somewhere.
I always use BasicUI (sitemap) to test my stuff, even dynamic icons. Its a bit doubble work ofcouse, but it can be worth.

I suppose you might check the filename.
I don’t see any Battery battery_item Battery-level or batterylevel icons in the default set, and now you’ve told us you’re not using a custom icon set.
Hover for image names

i use this one… i also got the soundvolume icon from there…

i double checked the names…

Well, batterylevel does not appear in this set

Humour me and try with icon set battery

grafik same result… i restart oh and cleared cache but didn’t help

div class="col-xs-3"><span ><widget-icon iconset="'eclipse-smarthome-classic'" icon="'battery-<battery_item>'" size="25" /></span></div>

Thats spacial? Who can correct the doc?

Is this how it usually works in HABpanel? Seems odd. In other UIs you just give the root filename for iconset e.g. battery, and its the iconpicker at OH that supplies battery-20.png instead.

The icon name is batterylevel
And it does indeed work fine. I´m using it on my sitemaps.

Whats your code?
Or do you have a idea why it wont work

Seems not a logical to me🙄

It’s an old docs page. From what @Kim_Andersen says, both battery and batterylevel icon sets exist now.