Dynamic Icons in Sitemap

I`m organizing my Sitemap to a new Order and wanted to use some indiviudual Icons.
Is there a possibility i can use different icons i relation to the State ?

Light On= Icon Green Bulb
Light Off= Icon Red Bulb ?

The Items from Basic UI are already changing - but how can i use “my own” icons in a dynamic mode ?

// oh2.3 on raspi 3

Put you own icons in the conf/icons/classic folder
For example you want a bulb icon.
You will need 3 icons

If you are using svg icons if not replace the files with png files

In your item definition.

Switch MyBulb "My bulb" <bulb> (LightGroup) { binding }

The name of the icon goes between the <> without the file extension


Thank you for your help
But i got anoter problem
When using png files - i can see the icons on my iphone but not on my android devices or my webbrowser…
when i use svg files - i see the icons on my webbrowser and android devices, but not on my iphone…

Can someone explain what is happening ?

//solved this Problem
just set in paperui/config/services/ui => default PNG
that`s it :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the iPhone app but in the android app there is a option in the Display Section to choose which icon format to use: Vector (svg) or Bitmap (png)

The same option is available in the paperUI for the UI.
Go to Configuration - Services - UI - Classic UI - Configure
and choose the icon format
Same goes for Basic UI

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