Dynamic icons in version 1.8.1


I have just installed the new 1.8.1 version of Openhab (used 1.7.1 before). I have copied my icons and the dynamic icons just don’t work anymore. They don’t even show up for heating, etc.
Any ideas what should I do? I have copied them to the webapps/images folder.

Any difference in file/directory ownership/permissions?

Thanks, I’ve changed everything with chmod 777 * -R from it’s own folder, but no joy. Any other ideas?

Most of mine work, but moving to 1.8.x my mios lock icons stopped being dynamic. I show state being changed in the logs to open / closed but I never see the lock-open.png lock-closed.png just lock.png for all of them. My permissions are fine, all images are 644.

Open up Chrome Developer Console (Ctrl + Shif + i) and see if you see any errors, if not go to Elements and look at what image it is actually loading for each icon.

For me it says none.png instead of alarm.png - the same goes for others - instead of dynamic icons, it just goes none, if there’s none with the name - eg. I only have alarm-on and alarm-off, no alarm.png.

Interestingly it works for contacts, but not for numbers, that’s true.

It seems like Items with String and Contact attributes work, Numbers don’t.

I experienced this issue too - dynamic icons being converted to “none.png” by OpenHAB 1.8.2. Turns out OpenHAB was starting from / instead of /usr/share/openhab – so OpenHAB was looking at /webapps instead of /usr/share/openhab/webapps

Fixed using:
cd /usr/share/openhab && /usr/share/openhab/bin/openhab.sh

Tried, but didn’t help for me unfortunately :frowning: Thanks though…

I had the same problem, but reading Openhabhelper comment, I found out that my icons are acctually beeing read from “/usr/share/openhab/webapps/images”. Copying icons to this folder resolved the problem.

I don´t how this folder was created, maybe from an old instalattion I have done or what…

Actually “/usr/share/openhab” has almost all files containing at “etc/openhab”.

Does anybody know why is that?

In my apt-get installation on Raspberry Pi, /usr/share/openhab has symbolic links to files under /etc/openhab:

configurations -> /etc/openhab/configurations
contexts -> /etc/openhab/jetty/contexts
etc -> /etc/openhab/jetty/etc

so it might only appear to be duplication.

Some folders really seens to be a link, but some others doesn´t.

Icons are really beeing loaded from “/usr/share/openhab/webapps/images”.