Dynamic icons not working for Switch item in HABdroid

In HABdroid, dynamic icons declared as ‘Switch’ do not reflect the state whereas they do when declared a ‘Text’.
The items in the .item file is declared as:

Rollershutter DW_mG1_door	"Garage rue [MAP(fr.map):%s]"		<garagedoor>	(mG1, DW)
Rollershutter DW_mG2_door	"Garage impasse [MAP(fr.map):%s]"	<garagedoor>	(mG2, DW)

And the sitemap:

sitemap test label="test"
	Switch item=DW_mG1_door	
	Switch item=DW_mG2_door

	Text item=DW_mG1_door			
	Text item=DW_mG2_door			

display in HABdroid (only ‘garagedoor.png’ is loaded whatever the state for first 2 ‘Switch’ items)


display in ClassicUI (all items show the correct icon):

fr.map contains:

50=ouvert (piéton)

but same behavior when disabling mapping (state displayed is then 0 when closed).

I am using openHAB 2.2 (but same behaviour with 2.1), HABdroid 2.0.0, classicUI and basicUI icons set to PNG.

Icons files in /conf/icons/classicui:


Can anybody confirm the behavior and suggest a fix?

Thank you!

I’m facing the same problem… the new version of the android app is not refreshing the icons in the rollershutters. I’m in the OH 2.1 stable. this bug has been reported?

I did not report a bug as I expected someone to confirm the faulty bahavior :zipper_mouth_face:

I opened one bug, https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/issues/618

It’s resolved. Just wait for the new release.

Great! Thank you. Let’s just wait for the updated app release.