Dynamic Icons not working in OH3 UI

Hi all,

I have the following item:

Number:Dimensionless      MeasurementPH           "PH Wert [%.2f]"          <water_ph>       (gPool) ["Measurement", "Sensor"] { channel="modbus:data:oxilife:measure:mbf_measure_ph:number" }

And placed some icons inside the icons/classic folder:


The current item status is 6.24 but the new OH3 UI only shows me the water_ph icon, not one of the numbered icons.

Thanks allot for your support

I assume you are talking about the item representation in a list?

Have you enabled this setting in the Default List Item Metadata? Make sure to mark the checkbox “advanced settings”

The same setting is available in the Default Standalone Widget Metadata as well.

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Thank you, that works.

For textual configuration one need to add

widget=""[iconUseState=true], listWidget=""[iconUseState=true]
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Can you clarify a detail, to have the dynamic icons working,

  • Place the state based icons in the icons/Classic folder
  • And enable the icon based on state config.

or only the second step is needed.