Dynamic Knob or Slider Control


I’ve been Digging around but…I have been trying to change the volume for my kodi mediacentre.

Problem:The knob and slider only sends 1 Value after I have slid it, this is a problem because I do not get the tactile feeling of a hardware volume Knob and this is the widget that I got from Habpanel.

So the only examples are codes in Jquery and JSON which I am not familiar with,I am familiar with HTML and CSS

So can Anyone suggest what I can do…?

In html you can use code

<div ng-init="volum = {
                       	'item': 'volumkodi',
                        'vertical': false,
                        'floor': 0,
                        'ceil': 100,
                        'step': 0,
                        'precision': 1,
			'unit': '%',
                        'hidelabel': false,
			'hidelimits': false,
                        'hidepointer': false,
                        'showticks': false,
                        'bigslider': false
<widget-slider ng-model="volum1"/>

I’ve tried implementing what you’ve done and there are a few errors in your html,which I have fixed…

You the problem is, The knob only sends one value after you have slid it, There is no feel or tactile feedback from the widget as I have said

The code you’ve given me does not fulfill what I want to do,but then Thank You for the reply and effort

If you’ve got something please share