Dynamic label for a switch

Hi Chaps,

I’m sure there is a way to do this I have some zwave switches with power meters on seperate channels from the item. I.e.

Switch Wallplug_FF_LR_Little_Lamp "Living Room Little Lamp" <light> (gFF_LR_Lamps) [ "Switchable" ]  { channel="zwave:device:d114bf85:node4:switch_binary" }


Number Meter_FF_LR_Little_Lamp"Living Room Little Lamp Meter" (gMeters) {channel="zwave:device:d114bf85:node4:meter_watts"}

I currently have both of the items showing separately on the sitemap

Switch item=Wallplug_FF_LR_Little_Lamp


Text item=Meter_FF_LR_Little_Lamp

What i would like to do is combine them, so the text description of the switch has the value of the meter embedded in it, to reduce the screen estate needed by the sitemap

Is this possible?


see this thread Switch, adjust item label depending on current