Dynamic pricing, tibber hourly tariff => making "future" charts or similar?

I’m on my way to switch to a dynamic pricing tariff for my electricity in the smarthome.
In my region (Germany/Europe) that means you’ll get hourly prices (from the european EPEX SPOT market) at around 2pm and then you can either plan to - or let openHAB do the heavy lifting.
The latter is on the way and I got some solutions for that to start at least charging the EV in cheap hours or other energy hungry appliances which can be shoved to cheap hours.

But: I’d like to somehow visualize when there’s cheap hours up front. So let’s say, you want to cook a fancy dinner and you can plan to either do that between 5pm and 7pm.
So what I’m after is an easy way with an high WAF (and KAF - Kids Acceptance Factor) to take a quick look, when’s the best time to do that. That way I could have some kind of display, which just tells everyone, when there are cheap hours.
So initially I was thinking charts - but I don’t seem to be able to prepare a chart for the future, only historic charting. Then I thought: hey, just display some website showing the EPEX SPOT market - but I’d like to also calculate in the current state and future predictions of my PV installation.

So I’m wondering if anyone has done something similar or has some sparks for me on how to visualize those. I do have both hourly prices for the next day - and also an index from “veeeeery cheap” to “broh, that’s expensive” per hour and could combine that with the current state of my PV to tinker something…

Personally, I would use a colored sunburst chart to visualize the prices per hour - either one sunburst chart with two annular rings (0-12, 12-24) or two sunburst charts (one chart for 0-12, the 2nd one for 12-24), e.g. Sunburst chart - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum.