Dynamic unicode in rules


I have this unicode command that works fine with tcp-binding:

sendCommand (Blind_Door_Sued_Str, “\u0038\u0002\u000b\u0064”)

My problem is that this is hardcoded and I would like to have this command from a slider. That means “u0064” should be dynamic.

I already figured out how the get this hex-code as unicode:

var int slider = (Blind_Window_Sofa_Test.state as DecimalType).intValue()
postUpdate (Result, “u00” + Integer::toHexString(slider))

–> Result is for 100 = u0064

But now I need a combination of both. Something liket that:

sendCommand (Blind_Door_Sued_Str, “\u0038\u0002\u000b” + “u00” + Integer::toHexString(slider))

But this doesn’t work. Does someone knows how to realize this?


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