Dynamically add/remove predefined channel groups

during development of a v2 comfoair binding (PR #7052) I was wondering if it is possible to dynamically add or remove complete channel groups from the thing, which are predefined as usual in the thing-types.xml?
The thing is that the comfoair supports about 150 states/commands in the current form, which are however partly dependent on the individual modules installed in the ventilation system (e.g. channels concerning the preheater are only meaningful if an appropriate preheater module is installed). Since I have already logically organized these channels in appropriate channel groups it would be pretty straightforward to dynamically add or remove these channel groups at runtime depending on the availability of the individual module (the availability can already be read out / set from the binding).
I have seen in the docs, that a dynamic channel configuration is possible, but found no way to do this based on the predefined channel groups (doing this individually per channel would not be worth the effort, since this is just about hiding channels from the end-user for improved usability).

Any suggestions?

Hi Hans,

Have a look into the DarkSky binding. It dynamically adds / removes (predefined) channel groups to a thing handler.

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