Dyson Pure Link (Fan / Airpurifier) Binding


I was searching for a possibilty to control my dyson pure link with openhab.
I just found that on github:

Sadly I have no idea how to implement it. Any hints?

Thanks in advance.

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HI, I am looking for something like this as well. Would like to integrate a Dyson into OpenHab.

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Is there still the need for a solution?
At the moment I’m integrating my Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower via MQTT Binding into openHAB and read out the actual settings and environmental data. I’m pretty sure to get the controls also working within the next days.

Yes, I’d be interested. Summer is coming and it’s gonna be quiet warm in my apartment. I was thinking about buying one hot&cool link but without beeing able to integrate it I’m having a hard time justifying the “link” upgrade.

Same here, still interested :slight_smile:

I posted a little HowTo in the “Solutions” section.

Hope it helps…

Hello, First off thank you for your work.
The binding was running for quite a time, but since i moved my openhab2 install to a new system i experienced strange behaviour… maybe someone can help me out.
i have the 475-model, mqtt seems to be allright - i get messages like this one in the openhab-logs:

[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Dyson475_Topic_Status_Current changed from {“msg”:“CURRENT-STATE”,“time”:“2019-01-08T10:53:28.000Z”,“mode-reason”:“LSCH”,“state-reason”:“ENV”,“dial”:“OFF”,“rssi”:"-52",“product-state”:{“fmod”:“AUTO”,“fnst”:“OFF”,“fnsp”:“AUTO”,“qtar”:“0003”,“oson”:“OFF”,“rhtm”:“OFF”,“filf”:“4036”,“ercd”:“02C0”,“nmod”:“OFF”,“wacd”:“NONE”},“scheduler”:{“srsc”:“7252”,“dstv”:“0001”,“tzid”:“0001”}} to {“msg”:“ENVIRONMENTAL-CURRENT-SENSOR-DATA”,“time”:“2019-01-08T10:53:28.001Z”,“data”:{“tact”:“2939”,“hact”:“0074”,“pact”:“0002”,“vact”:“0000”,“sltm”:“OFF”}}

i understand this line “{“msg”:“ENVIRONMENTAL-CURRENT-SENSOR-DATA”,“time”:“2019-01-08T10:53:28.001Z”,“data”:{“tact”:“2939”,“hact”:“0074”,“pact”:“0002”,“vact”:“0000”,“sltm”:“OFF”}}” i giving openhab2 the data for temp and humidity (tact and hact)

i have moved the items file to items and set-up a sitemap with:
Frame label=“Klima” {
Default item=Dyson475_Tact label=“Temperatur [%.1f °C]”
Default item=Dyson475_Hact label=“Feuchtigkeit [%.0f %%]”

but i get no values there any more.

what am i missing? python3.5 is installed on the system, also mqtt1 binding in openhab2.

i do have the this part also in the same sitemap:

Frame label=“Pure Cool Link” {
Default item=Dyson475_Fnst label=“Lüfteraktivität [%d]”
Switch item=Dyson475_Fmod label=“Modus” mappings=[0=“OFF”, 1=“FAN”, 2=“AUTO”]
Default item=Dyson475_Oson label=“Drehung”
Default item=Dyson475_Nmod label=“Nachtmodus”

and the buttons are working . i can switch to auto, night-mode, etc. - so the communication between the dyson and openhab seems to work. but i get no values ion my sitemap.

any ideas? thanks for your help!