E-Domotica Z-wave switch problem


I’m trying to add 3 z-wave switches to my RPI3 OH2. They have been working in a setup a year ago, before my RPI died. I have had a lot of trouble trying to exclude the switches but I think it worked now.

But now I have a new problem. Only 1 switch is found when scanning and when I add it, it sometimes says it’s online. But I can’t link channels. All I see is:

This is what my :9001 says:

I tried switching on and off multiple times, I tried removing the binding and starting over. But I have no idea what I can do next.

Does anyone have any idea what I can try?

I finally found out what the universal name for the switches are! I bought them under a different name but the z-wave binding recognises them as Everspring AN157.