Easee EV charger integration

I got an Easee EV charger, and there is an API available. I found this python script that works, and there is a API documentation https://api.easee.cloud/index.html

Currently I only need basic functionality:
get a token
get a switch in openhab that
starts the charging: /api/chargers/[CHARGERID ex. EH123456]/commands/start_charging
stops the charging: /api/chargers/[CHARGERID ex. EH123456]/commands/stop_charging

Is there some one that can give me some guidance how to make this in Openhab? I have no experience of working with API in Openhab

import requests, json, time
from pprint import pprint

class connect:
def init(self,

    if (access_token is None):
        access_token_resp = self.get_access_token()
        access_token = access_token_resp["accessToken"]
    self.headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer {}".format(access_token)}

def get_access_token(self):
    return requests.post("https://api.easee.cloud/api/accounts/token", json={"grantType":"password","username":"+46[PHONENO]","password":"[PASSWORD]"}).json()

def get_data_request(self):
    return requests.get(
        'https://api.easee.cloud/api/chargers/[CHARGERID ex. EH123456]/state',headers=self.headers).json()

my_charger = connect()
resp = my_charger.get_data_request()

print(resp[‘latestPulse’] + " ", end=’’)
print(str(round(resp[‘inCurrentT3’],1)) + "A ", end=’’)
print(str(round(resp[‘inCurrentT4’],1)) + "A ", end=’’)
print(str(round(resp[‘inCurrentT5’],1)) + "A ", end=’’)
print(str(round(resp[‘sessionEnergy’],3)) + "kWh ", end=’’)
print(str(round(resp[‘totalPower’],3)) + “kWh”)

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Hello Patrik.

Have you worked on this project? I was thinking of buying Easse ev and was hoping ti use it on OH.


Yes - I made a python script that connects to my Kia Niro EV and request the current charging level, thereafter it checks the electrical prices per hour and optimize when the chargin shall start and finally turn Easee on and off when the charging shall be made. Unfortunately do not have sufficient skills to make a good integration to openhab, so I communicate to the python script via MQTT from openhan

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Sounds great. I ordered an Easee instalation and I hopefully get my ID4 in februari. I was thinking I would try to make a bindning but your solution sound like a good start.

Still no binding for the Easee Home Wallbox, but maybe it helps some others who want to integrate the Easee Home Wallbox into OpenHAB and like to charge their car with the help of some solar panels :wink:
I wrote a small article how I did this with a combination of a few items and a rule - described in German, but the sources may be helpful anyway :slight_smile:
In case of interest: click

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A binding for that would be great!

Any updates?

I recently bought a BEV and at the same time I got an Easee Home Charger installed. Since there were no available OpenHAB bindings I have begun to develop one. This is my first OpenHAB binding but I have done some progress on it. Currently you can read and set the current charge current and pause/resume a charge session.

I do not know when the binding is in a good enough state to release an Alfa version but hopefully I will be able to get the binding in decent shape this month.


Would love an Easee binding!
Keep us updated

Awesome ! I am really looking forward to it since my EV will arrive mid of december :slight_smile:

Something new update here?

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Maybe setup funding?

I started working on a binding. Moved it to a new thread as there is a separate section just for bindings → Easee binding

Sounds great, happy to help testing! Just let me know once required


I have a Kia Seoul ev and been looking for a way to interact with my car to do exactly as you did compute how long time car needs charging and when thoose hours is cheapest.

Do you want to share your python example?