Easiest way to automated blinds w/ OH?

I have roller blinds and was wondering if anyone figured what is the easiest, cost-effective way of automating these to work with OH (I know there are instructables out there for DIYs, but these are usually standalone products and don’t communicate via wifi/zwave/433RF etc).

If it’s a battery solution all the better (running new power cables just seems a hassle to all blinds.

Been researching RollerTrol www.rollertrol.com

Haven’t come to a final decision yet, so looking for feedback from others too.

Apparently there’s similar products on eBay. Similar as in pretty much alike.

I made my own using relay to gpio on rpi and some using mqtt and arduino

interesting. any more info on that? I was looking at nodemcu instead (all in one based on ESP2866) which I can get for close to $10 here. Then it’s about figuring out how I can get a servo motor onto the gpio and mqtt onto the nodemcu. All of which sounds ‘logical’, but i wouldn’t know where to start haha.

The blind motor should have 4 wires, gnd L1 and one wire for each direction. Connect those two wires to the first relay, one wire to NC and one to NO, If you are picky about it add a second relay to feed the common on the controlling relay.

ESP8266 is a great chip, use either homie, nodemcu,seedstudio or arduino as software for it.

You can get the micro version of it with a relay shield and a small 230v to 5v power adapter to power it.

I’m using EzWand (http://remotewindowblinds.com/) which is a cheap option (about $65 for each blind, + remote control) and can be made to work with openHAB2.

I’ve just put some details here: