Easiest way to get power-meter with s0 to Openhab

i have a extra power meter for checking power consumption of my heatpump. This power meter has a wired s0-Output.

How can i get this s0-Data to my openhab-Server? What is the easiest way with less configuration and small price?

I have KNX in my house and also some free binary-inputs. Or is there another easy way to get the data to openhab?

If you have binary Inputs with Counter-ability, it should be simple, just count S0-pulses and read out the knx-counter every minute, the rest should be easy math :grinning:

Should you still be searching:
I used an ip-switch mini which allows 3-S0 inputs (one for gas, one for power and one for my water meter).

Reading out the values is pretty easy via a approx 10 lines php script.
Exec binding is used to get it into OpenHab.

Nice Gadet :wink: