Easiest way to migrate Z-Wave controllers?

I’m currently using OH 1.8 with Aeon Zstick S2 on RPI2. I’ve experienced issues with it (Node 255 errors, nodes dropping dead randomly…) and I’ve grown tired of restarting my PI to get OH to run reliably. I recently purchased an S5 stick, since I’ve heard they’re much more stable on the RPI2. So, what is the easiest way for me to migrate my network over to it? I don’t have a huge Zwave network (8 nodes for now), but I am lazy, and would prefer a plug-and-play method to running around and recreating my network :smile:

So, is there an easier way?

No, there is not. And please don’t complain, there’s people with 50+ devices …

This discussion seems relevant…Secondary Controllers ?

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Who said I was complaining? I have no issue running around with the new stick and rebuilding my network, just curious if there’s an easier way. Perhaps those with 50+ nodes would find an answer to this question useful, too?

Thanks! That’s the answer I was looking for.

Well, the other relevant thread is here.
In the end, it’s easier to run around the house once at an early stage, to avoid complications in the future. I just wanted to save you some time, sorry for not being verbose right away.