Replacing ZWave controller

I have just ordered a new UZB1 controller to replace my old Aeon stick since I am having some issues with it. Are there any special considerations when replacing the controller? Can I simply dump the old one, insert the new one, and include all the devices again, or do they have to be excluded from the original controller first?

I also read something about secondary controllers, so perhaps it is possible to include the new controller as a secondary controller and then upgraded to the primary controller by removing the original one in some way?

Input is greatly appreciated.

They will need to be either reset, or excluded. You don’t need to use the existing controller - you can normally exclude the device using any controller. The Aeon is nice for doing this since it has the internal battery…

I would recommend just going through the hassle of excluding, and re-including with the new controller. That way you have a clean network…

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Thanks for the prompt response.

What about for the binding itself, I assume I have to delete all the XML files for the nodes since the node IDs will probably change?

Yes, the nodeIds will change but it will almost certainly sort itself out. One of the checks that the binding does when it loads the XML files is to check node numbers and the homeId. When you reset your controller, the homeId will change, so it will perform a full initialisation in the same way as if you’d deleted the XML files…

Thanks, have done the replacement and it looks to be working fine. I’m not finished with including all devices again since some of them are a bit hard to get to, but apart from that it has been a painless process :slight_smile:

Chris, your reply to this thread has been helping me, as I have to get a new Z-Stick replace my old one that I am giving to a friend. Thanks for that. But I was wondering, is there a way, in the z-wave protocol definition to actually allow transfer of pairing ownership from one device to another without any manual intervention? Something like plugging in a new z-stick and have a software talk to all the known device and automatically do the pairing transfer? I have over 50 devices that will need to be re-paired if my z-stick fails and I need to replace it with a new one. That’s a rather long and tedious work to do manually, for something that should be able to be done automatically.

Yes, in theory this is possible. You can add a secondary controller, then transfer the network configuration to this controller, and finally may the new controller the primary controller… It’s unfortunately not straight forward, and not something that I’ve spent time looking at in detail. Some of this is coded up but it’s really not supported at the moment…

You might be able to find some other software to do this, but I’m not sure…

Once my remodel is finished and I have time to do some coding, I think I will get my hands dirty in the OpenHAB code and maybe help with things like that.

That would be great. This is mostly coded - I added the transfer functions to support transfer of network to a secondary controller a while ago, but since it’s not a very well used function, and there’s always more demanding things to work on, it’s not been finished off…

Since I have two networks: in one primary controller is Remotec ZRC-100, and the second is now in test mode with Openhab and old stick, I can test the controller replication.

Great - let me know how it goes. It worked a year or two ago, so hopefully it’s ok still, but let’s see :smile:


i have replicated my z-wave controller from AEON S2 to the Vision stick with two installations of HomeSeer3 (on two div. pc’s / demoversion is ok) - or with the Zensys-Tools. Both works. In the moment i use the RazBerry Board for z-wave and there you have the z-wave-server from zway to do these things.



my intention is to replace my current Razberry controller with the new one which as a better antenna an is a zwave plus device. The z-way server has the functionality of backup and restore which will clone the controller info to the new device.
Has anybody ever tested this functionality? Is there a similar functionality in Habmin already?


Hmm, I used to backup/restore my RaZberry using z-way in order to test my backup RaZberry hardware - that worked. It’s not exactly the same you want to accomplish, but I guess it’ll work, too.

Just replaced the controller with backup / restore functionality of z-way-server, worked without any problem.

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Was there ever any progress in this field? I’m planning on replacing my old Z-Stick S2 with something that I hope works better (having constant problems with my z-wave network) and I’d really be happy if I could avoid excluding and including all my devices.