Easy dsl rule to switch on a power device when an item receives a specific value

I am just migrating from domoticz to openhab and am failing miserably creating any rules.

I created a number item with 8 values.

I can see in the logs that when i change the item it says item xxx received command 1-8 depending on what i select.

Now I would like to create an easy rule to switch on some power item when a certain value is reached.
But I cannot seem to get the format right. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Are you trying to create a rule in a file, or using the GUI? Which rules language do you prefer?

if possible I would like to do it with a DSL rule in the ui.

I have set it up to execute a given script as seen in the screenshot.

your code goes here

I’m not sure you’ve yet grasped the essential difference between commands (“do something”, instruction) and state (“its like this”, information).

You certainly can trigger a rule from a command, which usually comes from user clicking or from another rule.
But that doesn’t seem to relate to your objective “when a certain value is reached”. Is that certain something a sensor, should you be triggering from changes to that?