Easy logging

Hi all,
Is there a way to view the log of when a Rfxcom device is switches on or off?
I know I can view it in the logtail but as it’s filled up with astrobinding messages it doesnt make it easy to search it back.
I read some forum messages about logging but they are all very complicated. I just want to log when a devices is switched. Not more.

Is there an easy way?

Frontail has a filter where you can put your search term if that’s what you use.

Hi thanks for your reply.
The only thing is that my logfile is only 2 hours old. After that it rotates. I would need +/- 12 hours

Either you can modified the configuration to rotate logs that often or you have way more logging than is typical. Most OH instances, even quite large ones, rotate logs at most once a day.

But to look through all your rotated logs as well use openhab.log* instead of just openhab.log in the commands. That will search through all the rotated log files. You can’t do it through Frontail.

Thanks. I also looked further and found this to edit frontail

I had the same complaint with my logs being full of stuff I didn’t really care to see.

It’s not really hard to remove/filter some things from your logs.

And here is a screenshot example of a few things like temp reading I no longer see in my logs.

If your looking to reduce some log info I hope this helps.