Easy upgrades text configuration?


Since Openhab 2 still get quite many upgrades all the time, I’m interested in an easier way of upgrading than the way I do. In OH 1 everything was configured in text files but as far as I know for example zwave bindning isn’t any good idea to try configure by putting a zwave.cfg file inte services folder. So everytime I perform an updtae I need to reisntall all bininding from paper ui and then setup binding and discover things and add them, I guess I’m really missing some easy way of doing a upgrade.

I’m not sure I do it the correct way, but I essentially just stops current oh, copies the new runtime folder over the old, userdata/etc over the old, and then remove the content of userdata/tmp and userdata/cache.
I have config/services populated with the stuff I want.

Why do you think you need to “reinstall all bindings” after performing an update?
I’m using snapshot for over 6 month now and doing updates on a monthly basis(Ubuntu so apt-get update/upgrade is all needed) and i never lost any setting. FYI I’m using a mixed approach: I let paperUI discover my things and handle my items via text files(simplemode turned OFF).

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Thanks for your input since I’m running windows I cannot do apt-get update that worked well on my linux machine but not in windows. Otherwise I do configuration in the same way as you do. Text file for items channel linking and sitemaps and rules. Maybe replacing runtime folder would be good way of doing this in windows.

Ok, Windows update is somewhat more complicated. However you still should not loose your config. Are you following the way described here:

Hi Marcus (@mackemot),

maybe the following script can help you to simplify updates on M$-Windows:

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Hi thanlks for all good ideas I nevere done the right way even thoug I tried to find out how to, I recently performed a manual upgrade like described in Olivers reply. Now next step will probably be to look into the script thread.