[eBUS 2.0] New binding - Release Candidate 4

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(csowada) #342

You must add the serial port to your openhab start script. This is a limitation of the used serial library.

Here a documentation that should help.


(Roberto2) #343

Thank you, added changes to /etc/defaults/openhab2

but after restart… everythings disapeard from Things menu…(cannot post full log file as new user)

2018-04-03 17:26:37.488 [INFO ] [ding.ebus.thing.EBusTypeProviderImpl] - Stopping eBUS Type Provider …
2018-04-03 17:26:37.492 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.ebus ] - BundleEvent STOPPED - org.openhab.binding.ebus

==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==
2018-04-03 17:27:22.050 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.ebus ] - BundleEvent STARTING - org.openhab.binding.ebus
2018-04-03 17:27:22.078 [DEBUG] [org.openhab.binding.ebus ] - BundleEvent STARTED - org.openhab.binding.ebus
2018-04-03 17:27:22.298 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/vaillant-templates.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:22.616 [INFO ] [er.internal.HomeBuilderDashboardTile] - Started Home Builder at /homebuilder
2018-04-03 17:27:23.233 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/common-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.641 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/vaillant-bai00-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.826 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/vaillant-vr81-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.844 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/vaillant-vrc-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.909 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/vaillant-vc206-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.926 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/wolf-bm2-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.944 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/wolf-cgb2-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:23.990 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/wolf-mm-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:24.016 [DEBUG] [ebus.cfg.std.EBusConfigurationReader] - Load configuration from url bundleresource://210.fwk22846513:1/commands/wolf-sm1-configuration.json …
2018-04-03 17:27:24.086 [INFO ] [ding.ebus.thing.EBusTypeProviderImpl] - Loading eBUS Type Provider …
2018-04-03 17:27:24.089 [WARN ] [ding.ebus.thing.EBusTypeProviderImpl] - EBusTypeProviderImpl.updated()


(Roberto2) #344

so removed all existing items, things, links, inbox and started again
ebus 2.0 auto discovery found
-Vaillant BAI00 (08)
-eBUS Standard (15) should be Multimatic 700
-eBUS Standard (05) should be VRC 920 internet gateway
-eBUS Standard (52) should be vr 70

It is possible to “update” eBus standard to correct device type?


(csowada) #345

openhab or the binding is not refreshing items? Have you created a new ebus bridge with paper ui? Has the discovery function found some ebus things?


(Roberto2) #346

see my previous post… I can expose my ssh/kraft consoles for you over private channel…


(Roberto2) #347


(csowada) #348

In general your setup looks good. Your problem is, that all your devices are not supported by the binding at the moment, except BIA. You can check the supported devices if your add a new thing manually.


(Roberto2) #349

Removed all auto discovered items, then created new thing based on your example

Bridge ebus:bridge:home1 “eBUS Bridge1” [ serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0", masterAddress=“00”, advancedLogging=true ] {
Thing vrc700_zone1 zone1 [ slaveAddress=“15”, polling=true ]

but with a lot of parser errors in log…


(Rolf) #351

Dear csowada

Thank you a lot for the time you already have spent on my topics. Regarding your hints I will first start to add a thing in .thing file and after that try to add manually mm and the bm2.

Question now is the syntax for the thing definition, esp. the parameters required . What I have found so far in the openhab doc is for the example of the standard ebus is something like
Thing ebus:std:thing Id (e.g.9fb8c434) [parameters]

Regarding parameters I have no idea (I.e. bridge, standard etc), the first part of the thing could be correct but also not sure.

It would be great if you could advice me on that.

Many thanks and best regards


(csowada) #352

Short feedback, I’m working on a modified readme file with detailed information to text configuration files.


(Rolf) #353

Great! Thank you a lot in advance


(csowada) #354

So a new enhanced version of the documentation is available. Still room for improvements but better than nothing.


(Rolf) #355

Dear csowada

Tank you a lot. One question: Are you sure about
Bridge ebus:bridge:home2 “eBUS Bridge2” [ ipAddress=“”, port=80 ]
Shouldn’t it be
Bridge ebus:bridge:home2 “eBUS Bridge2” [ ipAddress=“”, port=“80” ]
However also when using port=“80” it will not be changed in my case

Best Rolf


(Rolf) #356

Sorry, my mistake it works as you have written

Sorry about that


(Rolf) #357

Dear csowada

I have created with success 2 MMs at SA 51, 52 (log:tail shows data on those) and failed to create (i.e. no data in log:tail) a BM2 at any of SA 15, 35, F5, F6 and OC. I only get data for ebus standard at SA F6. For reference again my devices:

In log:tail I get for MM at SA 51 the following:

for MM at SA 52 the following:

For ebus Standard at SA 08 (what I suspect to be the WPM1 of Wolf (Wärmepumpenmanager) the following:

And for ebus Standard at SA F6 the following:

To my questions:

  1. Is there a mistake regarding allocated things to the SAs?
  2. Still I have the impression that I get only limited data out of the things,
    • with misallocated names, e.g. dhw-temp is in fact the boiler-temp (warm water)
    • numbers without digits after comma, e.g. outside-temp, 7 instead of 7.2 as an example)
    • not a lot of meaningful data points (at least what i can read out of it)
      Is there a mistake in my configuration and can it be improved?
  3. How can i interpret the data in a more efficient way (at the moment i try to allocate data be comparing numbers of log:tail with what is shown on my physical Wolf devices.

A question detached from the ones above is regarding the definition of types within things as outlined in your recently updated readme: What is the purpose of defining the types? Is it only to define the names of the channels used afterwards in attaching the items?

any help would be highly appreciated.

thank you in advance.

Best regards


(csowada) #358

Hello @Logos,

you have the same problem as me, there is no documentation about the Wolf/Kromschröder commands. Vaillant has here much better support. As far as I know I’ve researched the largest command list for Wolf at the moment. You could enable the advanced logging to generate the unknown commands file. You can send me this file, I will have a look on it. But I would be great if you could send me some reference values/temperatues from the time of logging.

This is due to the very limited amount of known commands for things like Wolf Mixer

This is hot water, so I thing it is correct. If this value is from a eBUS Standard than this is defined by eBUS group.

Same here, eBUS Standard only use integer for some temperature values.

No, your setup looks correct, you can only create custom configurations to support more commands.

You can use the resolved and unresolved log files to analyze it with Excel etc.


(csowada) #359

And I have an Wolf ISM7i installed, but only used once. Now it simply connected. But it was useful the see the current values while watching the commands.


(Rolf) #360

Dear Csowada

Thank you very much. Do mean by the unknown command file the ebus - unresolved.csv file?

Thank you a lot for your support

Best regards


(Stefaan Vandevelde) #361

I’m trying to use the new ebus binding, but I can use some help getting it configured. Is have a “standard” ethernet bridge from Esera and a Vaillant Ecotec plus heater.
I created a file ebus.things in /etc/openhab2/things with this content

Bridge ebus:bridge:home2 “eBUS Bridge2” [ ipAddress=“”, port=5000 ] {


Allthough I’m quite certain about the IP address and the port number of the the Esera device, I get there messages in the log

19:11:34.673 [WARN ] [bus.core.connection.EBusTCPConnection] - Connection refused (Connection refused)
19:11:34.684 [WARN ] [de.csdev.ebus.core.EBusController ] - Retry to connect to eBUS adapter in 20 seconds …

For reference, this is the setup I use to start up ebusd and it’s working fine
ebusd -f -d --scanconfig --mqttport=1883 --mqtttopic=ebus



(csowada) #362

Hello @Stefaan_Vandevelde,

which protocol do you use? UDP or TCP ? The binding only works with TCP.