Ebus 2.0 - Vaillant - First configuration questions

Finally I am forced to implement the Ebus binding as I am not at home for the next weeks and I forgot to switch off my heating. I bought the esera usb interface a long time ago and set it up.
Now I have installed openhab on ubuntu and the latest ebus 2 binding.

Vaillant BAI00 (08) and Vaillant VRC 430(f)/470(f) (15) appear among other generic ebus things in my inbox. I can see that both things offer a lot of channels. One channel is

Global system off unfold_less

Activation of operation mode system off

ebus:vrc430:9eee5b58:15:vrc430_heating_status-global-system-off#status-global-system-off content_copy

Now I can link this channel to an item:

Linked items

Activation of operation mode system off (VaillantVRC430F470F15_Vrc430_heating_statusGlobalSystemOff_ActivationOfOperationModeSystemOff)

When I use Paper Control I end up with that:

My question is: How shall I switch off my heating system ? The channel is a string not a switch.
I have read some of the threads but they deal with the configuration on a very deep level.
I could not find any documentation that deals with this basic kind of question.

OK maybe my understanding of the functionality is not correct. I thought that it would be possible to send commands to the heating system rather than only read data. Can someone point me to the right track ?