eBUS binding / persistence filter values


I’m using the ebus binding for quite some time, but there’s one annoying issue. Sometimes “0” values are returned from my boiler for some reason. This causes quite annoying spikes in my charts.

Is it possible to filter out these spikes in the binding or in persistence?

Thank you,

There is no way to do it in persistence. I can’t say whether it would be valid to filter them in the binding (is 0 always an invalid reading?).

Approaches I can think of to help:

  1. Use InfluxDB and Grafana: I think you can smooth out the 0s in Grafana.

  2. Create a Proxy Item to represent the boiler and a rule that filters the zeros out for you. Only persist the Proxy item.

You can grab the part from the configuration files and create a custom JSON configuration. Then you can set or modify the "min"parameter to “1”.