EBus binding Vaillant VRC470

I try to change my heating program for 2 heating circuits on the same burner. HC1 is directly feeding the convectors, while HC2 is a mixed circuit to feed the floor heating.
I applied the command “heating.set_program_heating_circuit.program” but this changes only the program for HC1, not for HC2.
Does anyone has a clue how to get both circuits changing programs?

Maybe you must change the destination address? In that case use dest in your item configuration.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try. Can you set 2 dst’s in an item?

No, but you can use two items and create a rule for one of them to set both the same way.

OK, that’s what I had in mind as second option. Now I have to find the address of the HC2.

Hi gain. Thanks for the help so far. I don’t succeed to identify the address for HC2. i see on the ebus a lot of messages send from address 10. Recipients are 50 and 08. Any idea what these address stand for?

I figured out how to set the OpMode of HC2: this is the hex message: FF50B509040E31000X00, with X=the requested OpMode (0=off, 1= Manual, 2=Auto, 3=Day, 4=Night, 5= Summer).

I suppose the message to ask for the actual status is FF50B509030D310000. I haven’t tested yet.

Now I would like some help to integrate this message in the right JSON file. I have no clue how to do.

Could you give me some advise?



Ah, good to know. Here is a converted example (not tested!)

    "comment": "<Heating> Set HC2 Operation mode",
    "device":  "Vaillant VRC 470",
    "id":      "set_program_heating_circuit_2",
    "class":   "heating",
    "command": "B5 09",
    "data":    "0E 31 00 00",
    "dst":     "50",

    "values": {
        "program": {"type": "uchar", "pos": 9, "label": "HC2 Operation",
            "mapping": {"0":"Off", "1":"Manual", "2":"Auto", "3":"Day", "4":"Night", "5":"Summer"}}

As info, here the used original configuration, maybe it’s helpful to convert more HC2 commands.