Echo commands not supporting on/off commands for Dimmer (light bulb)

I’ve installed the Amazon Echo control binding, configured with myopenhab cloud and added all my echo devices as things. I want to control my z-wave bulbs and smart switches via the echo devices. I’ve added alexa config to the .item file:

Dimmer Family_Light "Family Light"  <light>  {channel="zwave:device:8fc991aa4b:node8:switch_dimmer",alexa="Light"}

Family light was discovered in the Alexa app and i can control the brightness from the Alexa app via a slider. If I utter “set Family Light to 100%” the light turns on to 100%. However, “turn Family Light on” I get the response “family light doesn’t support that”.

Alexa documentation here states that

In openHAB, a “Dimmer” item responds to both brightness and on/off commands.

What am i missing?

Running openhabian 3.2

In Main UI you can configure each, so in item file this should be:

edit: removed quotation mark

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Thanks @Piffer that works. I’ll go back and re-read the documentation now knowing what was expected.

alexa="Light" should have worked as well as it is the shorthand syntax of what @Piffer mentioned above.

It could have been that your request wasn’t understood initially. Also, the Amazon Echo Control binding is not related to the Alexa skill. If you only intend to use the latter, there is no need to install that binding.

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Ah that makes sense now. I set up the Alexa skill on my OH2 system many years ago and haven’t touched it since, and recalling what I did is a little sketchy. Echo control wasn’t available at the time, I’m glad it is now though. I’m in the process of setting up a new OH3 system and having to relearn everything!

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