Echo control binding and Zigbee devices

Is it still the case that Alexa Zigbee devices cannot be utilised by openHAB due lack of Amazon API for Zigbee?

I have a Sonoff door contact which is too far away from my RPi Zigbee E USB 3.0 dongle. I could reach it via an Alexa with a built-in Zigbee hub eg Echo plus, Show10 etc. It shows up as a device connected to one of these. However, it seems that the openHAB binding does not support it; an openHAB thing scan does not find it.

I don’t know the answer to the Alexa question but I can say that Zigbee is a mesh network. The distance from the coordinator isn’t the issue. It’s the distance from another mains powered Zigbee device that is the issue. If you put a mains powered device between the coordinator and the farthest device, that farthest device’s messages will be routed through the intermediate device.

So another way you can solve this problem is install one or more mains powered Zigbee devices to improve your mesh network.

Thanks Rich,

I plan to try exactly that. I ordered a mains power Zigbee extender.