Echo Control binding - getting last response from Alexa

Hi guys,

I am using:

Platform information:
Hardware: NUC7CJYH with 8 GB RAM and 32 GB SSD + zwave: Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090)
Ubuntu Server 20.04
OH 3.1 stable

And recently had the issue, that in rare cases the control from Alexa to my OH instance does not work.
To solve this I figured out, that restarting helps.
Alexa usually responds like:
“The hub connected to the device is not responding. Please check network connection and power supply”
I can see MY last command in the logs (lastVoiceCommand), but is there also an option to check ALEXAs last response?
Any other idea to detect the disconnection (the OH cloud connection is not the culprit - I checked by switching to “notification” and back to “notification and control”).
I did not find anything related in the Alexa Thing


I have the same issue and a completely different Plattform (Synology Container on x86, 3.1 Release ). A restart of OH solves the issue.

I had the fancy idea to create a voice activated switch, triggered by a playback device. If the switch is not triggered I planned to restart the oh cloud connection.

But its not happening often enough to make any sense😎

This device could be Alexa saying: “Alexa switch cloud connection Switch”
So no separate device needed, I guess.

Well, afaik Alexa does have some pretty neat noice cancellation. That means I assume that if an Alexa on the same network says something which starts with “alexa …” the others do not react. I am speculating here. But I never tried that. Might be worth a try … I just fancy a new skill for my alexas: “Alexa, Ping!” which results in the exclamation from another one: “Pong! … Alexa, Ping !” and so on … :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this is the reason, but if I let Alexa say: Alexa, can you hear me? there is no reaction.
I assume, that it’s not able to listen while executing a TTS at the same time.

Yes, probably. I Was suggesting to use more than one. I have at least one device in every room.

Alright - I am fine with one (so far), but consider a second one… :smiley:

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