[Echo Control] new device echo 5 and new features

Hi all,
I use several amazon echo devices, and I have the new echo dot 5 one for a week.
This device add two very interresting features :

  • inside device-temperature
  • move detector from ultrasound sensor

I did not find elsewhere in community topics about his.
Is there a way to use these new features with the binding amazonechocontrol ?
I tried “temperature” channel but have no value, and cannot figure out to use move detection.
Thanks !

Unfortunately I don’t own such a device, so it’s hard to answer.

The most interesting question is: Can the app show it? If the answer is yes, then there is a good chance we can get it, too. If not, it’s probably more difficult.

Hi @J-N-K
Yes the app (android) handles this natively.
There is a special field “temperature sensor” in parameter section of device (with current room temperature), and multiple parameters for ultrasound move/presence sensor : enable/disable, sensitivity/strengh. It seems that you can even create routine with this parameter. (I guess it could be a dirty hack…)

Found this article:

Hi all,
Anyone else would be interested ?
Especially with the temperarure sensor… this would be very usefull to access this data from openhab.

Hello guys, I update this post because I have some news.
I have found the “smartHomeDevice” things in OpenHab and the temperature channel is working great.
Just a question : I see other channels in the binding :

  • humanPresenceDetectionState
  • coughDetectionState
  • snoreDetectionState
  • etc

But when I link them, there are only NULL value.
Is there a way to use these features ?


For me, presence detection would be very interesting!

I bought an echo 5 “ball/kugel” . Does anyone know if a channel for the temperature-feature is arise.

You should have a thing “Alexa Guard” where you can find the channel “temperature”.


I don’t think there is an Echo 5 device, the latest I can find on Amazon is an Echo 4. Is it an Echo Dot 5?

yes, the normal echo ball is the 5th gen (without dot)

Sorry for the misunderstanding @J-N-K , and @Larsen , thx for link and explanation (nice nickname and compatible avatar :wink:).
Yes it’s an “echo ball” or also named “echo DOT (5th Generation)” .

@chris4789 Thx for the “enlightening” hint with the “Alexa Guard”. I tried and it works. I didn’t thought that one has to have a second thing, but that’s the solution.

Thx to all of you and even a healthy and successful new year :sparkler: :fireworks: :confetti_ball: :tada: :balloon:

Cheers, Peter

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