Echo Dot as a Voice relay

I would like to be able to ask echo #1 to deliver a message to echo #3 like simon says. And then the person who accepts message on #3 can then respond back. Kind of like a walkie talkie!

I have 2 apartments with Echo Dots in them. One is on level 15 and the other is on level 18. They are connected via a physical LAN so id like this to be able to communicate easily between the apartments.

Any ideas towards this would be great.

That is not possible with Alexa. Every skill requires the entire set of words to be defined in advance. So it is not possible to use free text as input.


Or use two VoIP Telephones with intercom option :slight_smile:

Both great options.

I saw a UHF two way radio on sale for cheap so grabbed one from the store. If it works then it should cover the requirements off nicely but the ring down and voip are both great suggestions so thanks guys!!!

UPDATED: I bought the below cheap UHF walkie talkie it is amazingly clear! Even works in the lift whilst moving between floors. There are only a couple of channels that have noise (truckies I think) and the rest are crystal clear all day long.

Amazing really that there is no “Quote” “Unquote” command

Alexa has a Simon Says command that can do that for you Nick.