Echo Dot not recognising commands after OH2 reboot

So, I had to reboot the server that OH2 docker container runs on and OH2 started up just fine and I checked the logs and my items file was loaded perfectly it seems.

The OH2 interface loads perfectly and all devices are there just fine but no items appear.

I edited the items file to reload it and it didnt update in openhab.log and alexa requests are ignored and alexa tells me she doesnt recognise the commands.

I then deleted the items file and re-instated it. I have no idea why no items are loading.

Alexa Devices all said they were offline so I rescanned and nothing could be found…

Do I really have to do a complete re-install?

Note: The wifi lights that are in the items file are still able to be controlled via the milight mobile apps that came with it.

Any help would be appreciated as I am at a loss.

I did a complete re-install and configure…

Turns out that I had comments in my items file and when I removed them and it all worked…how tiresome lol