Echo Show Openhab Dashboard

Dear all,

i am trying to use my Alexa Echo Show as a Openhab dashboard.
Till now i am using the Alexa Skill MyPage to show OpenHab MainUI pages on the echo show. This works fine in combination with the amazonechocontrol Openhab binding. However i always have echo show internet browser menu at the top of the screen. Which is using up 1/4 of the available screen size …

I now tried to use this Home-Assistant guide:

I created my own Alexa skill in order to show the Openhab page.
Also i adapted the file with my openhab page URL ( and set the KIOSK_MODE to false. But i only get a black screen on the echo show as soon as i ask for the alexa skill …

I think it something with the lambda/template.json file which is not compatible to OpenHab. Maybe someone has a similar need and can help me tackle this issue :slight_smile: Or maybe someone has a different approach.

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I continued my search and found out that the internet browser search bar is also present using the “Home Assistant” - Alexa Skill approach … so this will not help and i can also stick with the MyPage Skill.
Does anyone have a hint how to hide this search bar?

I’m thinking about buying an echo show. Does it work reasonably with openHAB4 Pages? So I can show some dashboard content on it?